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New for Fall 2011!
Lock'n'load your iPhone or iPod touch and bring app gaming to the next level with the Appfinity AppBlaster! Using dual triggers, trigger-tap technology and augmented reality applications, the AppBlaster turns any environment into a virtual gaming experience. You can combat aliens in the real world as you witness the ultimate phone become the ultimate toy! Your iPhone/iPod touch connects securely and safely to the Blaster, locking it in place for high-intensity action. Discover the incredible fusion of reality and technology through 7 different apps: Alien Attack, Overkill, Marine Sharpshooter, PULL! Clay Pigeon Shooting, Tin Can Alley, Wacky Hunter and Duck Hunt! Redefine the limits of gaming with the Appfinity AppBlaster!
Package Includes:
  • 1 AppBlaster
  • 1 mounting bracket (fits iPhone 3GS)
  • 1 iPhone 4 insert plate
  • 1 iPod touch 4 insert plate
  • Age: 8+
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